"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world's problems".
Mahatma Gandi
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Ashram Fine Arts is always keen to work with as many different charities as possible, within the UK and globally. The obscure, unknown, or super sized, or the just beginning.

We welcome communications from charitable causes, big and small, so that we can recommend you as a donations partner, for those products and experientials that come through to us unassigned. 

We do prefer for charities in receipt of our donations to be in compliance with some form of regulatory guidance, and we insist that are recognised, either by the UK Charities Commission, or under the authority of whichever regulatory body is governing their country, or region.  We check this basic information, before we do anything else.

Sometimes we give to a fund or a cause, but this will be within our network, trackable, and accountable, formally.

We will be expanding this page shortly. Meanwhile please see profiles of those charities that are benefitting in small ways, and rather 'randomly' , via our social media and marketing channels.







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