"The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world's problems".
Mahatma Gandi
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About Us

We have a combined background in broadcasting, print journalism, advertising production, and talent representation for film and   photography. 
Along the way, we've been privileged to have met among peers, colleagues, and subjects, an extraordinary mixture of talents, business minds, and entrepreneurs. From global brand, record company, and gaming CEOs, to advertising creative genius, film directors, mainstream editors, authors, environmentalists, fashion designers, actors, musical legends and pop stars, politicians, and unknown craftsmen and women, to helicopter pilots, fund managers, hoteliers, art gallerists, artists, music producers, DJs, photographers, restaurateurs, yogies, shoemakers, super models, bongo players, celebrities for no reason, etc, etc.
Most of us, without really knowing or doing it on purpose, are trend setters, and world changers, even in the very smallest of ways, but would be more ultruistic if we could.
So this is an experiment in connecting to create positive life experiences not just for selfish gain, but with potential to impact on the wider world.
Between us, we are offering up and sharing gorgeous garments, books, sailing, weekenders, gorilla suits, photographic prints, sexy lingerie, paintings, and basically all sorts of quirky, or indulgent products and places that we know, are interested in, like, or love.
Every single transaction results in a fixed donation (up to 20%) to a charity of the seller's choice. See each individual section for details.  Where items are distributed via The Garbage Curators, the donation is up to 40%.
Somewhere, somehow, at any moment an individual, community, plant, or animal, will benefit from an ever so little, but ever so vital, random act of kindness. 
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